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Penthouse to Pavement

One of the last jobs I completed before this lockdown malarkey, was at the Coble Quays apartments on the waterside in Amble - known as "The friendliest port", and home to a good selection of holiday homes of all sorts.  Mind you, it didn't seem that friendly as I walked to the Coop to get something for tea, as some heroin-withered old skank staggered out of the Queen Street boozer cursing like Popeye - followed by a troglodyte nutcase angrily clutching a bottle of alcopop charva-juice.
This development was built a few years ago, and isn't fully occupied yet. The view from each apartment is spectacular at all times of the year, especially from this one - built for the developer himself, and on this particular March morning the sunshine was casting it's spell on the blue/green sea and coastal stretch to the north. It's a short walk to my own village, and the statuesque Warkworth Castle looked fantastic in the spring light. This was a bigger job than I'd im…

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