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This job can certainly be physically demanding at times, with heavy gear, lots of stairs, running back and forth, and other such exertions. Late last week I was shooting a bog-standard, 3 bed semi in the centre of the seaside town of Amble which had been converted into a 2-bedroomed holiday let. It was an identikit layout to thousands of other 1930's semis all over the north east - our old house in North Jesmond had the almost exact layout, apart from it's old kitchen space being converted to a hallway to accommodate the stairs down to an Ab-Fab style basement kitchen. I digress. The open plan dining room & lounge space lead to a small conservatory via a pair of sliding patio doors which were cleaned to perfection. Cleaned to the point of invisibility in fact. They slid to the left, leaving the right hand side open to walk through. I shot in various directions, and finally placed the camera in the conservatory, looking back into the dining room. The interior spaces needed l

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