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Winter blues

October is well underway, and my instincts are telling me that something very serious is brewing within our economy, and in society in general - my turnover for Sep/Oct is down on the usual numbers by almost 80%, with only one small job in my diary for the forthcoming month. September saw 17 jobs completed, compared to 43 last September, and it looks like this month will definitely be in low single figures as opposed to the 49 undertaken last October. That's bankruptcy territory with the quietest months of the year about to hit, and with the burden of huge overheads bleeding me dry, it's going to be a nail-biting few months with little chance of paying myself regularly without raiding the tax cash I've set-aside. Clearly, the property market "boom" is at an abrupt end, with average prices way, way beyond most people's means. The "government" continuously bombard the population with bullshit rhetoric about how we're "building back better"

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