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The last 12 months have been nothing but pure chaos. The relentless work regime since the lifting of national "stay at home" restrictions for property industry employees and suppliers at the end of April 2020 has meant that my professional gear has been stretched to the absolute limit in terms of enduring constant, heavy use, and taking knocks through accidental drops, collisions, and handling. With no visible end in sight to the seven-day a week routine, I had to take stock of the state of my daily-use equipment, and decide what to replace, repair, and dispose of. My kit list is extensive (see this previous post), and it seems as if there's a pile of stuff that just doesn't get used any more. Selling some of this unused kit could finance replacements or repairs of some of my ancient gear that has been in the bag for over 15 years now. The first priority is my mainstay wide angle lens - The Nikon 14-24mm, which is used for 95% of all my interior jobs. This workhorse g

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