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2022 - The Year in Review

  Happy new year all - ( and the other 2 folks that might stumble upon this posting probably) With only 2 posts, the last year has been the least active since I started this damned thing, and it's certainly been a year of ups and downs in the real-estate photography world. So...where to start? On an initial positive note, 2022 has seen a 20% increase in my revenue - that's sales before any outgoings just in case the newspapers are reading this. Every single press outlet seems to purposely report revenue as profit when it comes to commenting on the tax-situations of large internet based companies like Amazon or Netflix or whatever. I can have a million quid a year revenue, but if my outgoings are £999,999, I'm only making a quid profit, but the press would still report it to the "thick as mince" public as me basking in the rewards of a million quid a year takings. With this in mind, my expenses have actually rocketed - mostly due to transport (car) costs

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