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2021 - The Year in Review.

My annual review has become something of an my own head. This poor excuse for a blog isn't meant to be a marketing tool, a platform for educating others, or a source of invaluable tips and tricks to those working in the property photography industry. It's a personal outlet created to put some of my frustrations, observations, and various other "ations" into writing, thus avoiding the temptation of constantly burdening other human beings with daily tales of my insignificant woes. Ninety nine percent of the global population lives in absolute poverty or under totalitarian dictatorship, so turning up at some rich dude's house to be told that I've got to go back in a week because the husky had a shit in the master bedroom, or the couple have separated, resulting in the hifi system having to be replaced doesn't seem that much of a big deal in relative terms. So.... I just keep my mouth shut, put things in perspective, and have a bit of a pros

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