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Cash is King

Do you ever find yourself feeling unwell, and make an appointment to see your GP?

Ever been in a car crash, and been taken to hospital?
Do your children go to school?
Ever needed some financial assistance when things haven’t gone to plan in your life?
Just a few of the things that depend on “the state” to provide for us when required – things that need financing via our system of taxation. It’s a system that is far from perfect, but it tends to do the job if everyone contributes fairly. If you want the system to change, then you have the right to lobby your parliamentary representative, vote for an alternative, and campaign publicly to change things so that you don’t have to pay as much tax, & ignore those sad losers who are perhaps unable to work due to disability, or let those scroungers who flee the threat of execution in their native countries rot on the streets with their unwashed, foreign children. It’s also grossly unfair that literally millions of chav scrotes can get satelli…

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