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Sports Day

Plessey Woods, near Morpeth was the location of a recent event run by the Newcastle Sports School Partnership – a project run by some very dedicated people in schools, local industry, and the professional sports world. The aims of the NSSP are pretty clear – to promote sport in schools. This is a pretty important issue in my opinion, given that a good few kids seem to be lazy, & fat nowadays. (citation needed). When I was a nipper, it wasn’t uncommon to see me and my pals out in the fresh air from after breakfast to just before bedtime – playing out the Olympic events of the day, cycling to Hexham and back on Grifters ( 70 miles or more ), or taking part in inter-street world cup tournaments – using special FIFA authorised jumpers for goalposts. I digress.  The Plessey Woods event was an organised orienteering day for various schools from all parts of the city, and I turned up afterwards to record the handing over of an award certificate by the National Youth Sports Trust to J