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Fashion shoots are perceived to be glamorous affairs – beautiful models, flamboyant stylists, clients, and art directors all running around, with a gorgeous photographer at the centre of the action shouting instructions and making provocative hip movements. Well it’s all true! I don’t do much fashion work with models, but when I do, it’s always really enjoyable. It’s not as glamorous as people think however. Often shoots are conducted in freezing cold locations, such as the Barbour stock warehouse in South Shields. Setting up a makeshift studio in a cramped location at short notice presents all sorts of problems with lighting, health and safety, and production quality. This shoot needed to be done quickly, lit so that the various garment textures were emphasized properly, and incorporate full length poses of the models moving swiftly towards camera.  We had 3 days to shoot close to 100 different outfits on 6 models. The final edited images were to be cutout, so luckily