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Chicken Run

Getting the angle for a PR shot is the mantra that I use again and again. Looking at a situation, and going a bit Leftfield for the press is standard practice. This job needed a bit of that way of thinking to get something striking. Northumbria Free range Poultry was the first organic, free-range poultry farm in the North East, and now supplies retailers in the region with top-quality Guinea Fowl, Ducks, and Chickens – all raised in environments where they’re free to roam, and feed naturally. The only decent way to farm animals in my opinion. The place is awash with birds of all ages, meaning that there are hundreds of cute chicks to see at all times of the year, and my visit was a welcome break from some of the everyday jobs involving a few executives doing a handshake with a trade award in the foreground. I met up with everyone at Thistleyhaugh Farmhouse, and the maternal figure was busy making the farm boys their second breakfast of the morning. They generally got going at