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Never too late

One of the things I love about my chosen profession, and doing press photography in Newcastle is the variety of people I have the pleasure of meeting on a day to day basis. Recently I was lucky enough to be part of the Open University graduation day at the Sage, Gateshead. It’s always a lovely place in which to work, as it it’s filled with natural light, has loads of accessible bits to set up stunning shots, and is set on the riverside with the city skyline all around. My brief was to locate, organise, and photograph 4 mature students in various locations for their respective local newspapers, and national press for the OU. It’s really not work at all – it’s simply having fun, and watching loads of proud wives, husbands, partners, parents, and kids, all having a lovely day with their loved ones who have worked hard, while holding down jobs, in order to advance their careers, learn something new, or have a complete change. It’s something I did myself some years back now, and there’s

Airport Disaster

I had a really interesting job at the airport recently for a client who handles the aircraft used to transport organs for transplants. Newcastle Airport had just been set up as the hub for the north of England, and the bigwigs from the NHS, aviation industry, and media were all invited for a simulated organ delivery, and flight. My job was two fold – firstly to capture some images of the aircraft’s interior and exterior for inclusion in the company’s literature, and secondly to record the events, people, and flight for the trade press, and national media. The BBC had a TV crew, and the journal had sent a photographer for their coverage. PR photographer’s will know the sinking feeling of having to share space with the press guys, as you can’t relax and work properly – you have to compete for pictures in a limited time frame, as they’re always trying to get the stereotypical “quirky” angle for the paper. The plane itself was parked in the freight area, and I had to go through freight

Paddy The Champ

I recently had the real privilege to be commissioned to shoot the cover of December’s Wag magazine by Dogs Trust . Earlier in the year, Paddy, a retriever cross owned by Andrea Rogers of the K9 pursuits centre in Newton Aycliffe, was awarded the accolade of being Dog of the year by Dogs Trust. Paddy was a former resident at the Darlington Rehoming Centre until adopted by Andrea – a qualified dog trainer and former worker at Dogs Trust. I set off early on a lovely autumn morning for a few hours of fun. Andrea and Gill Crawford run the business which looks after about 25 dogs for busy owners during working hours – like a doggy creche. She also runs training sessions, dog shows, and classes. Andrea & GIll were really welcoming, and Paddy took to me straight away. He’s a handsome, furry, smiler of a dog with an extremely friendly temperament, and a definite aim to please. We had a cup of tea, and decided on a suitable spot to do the shoot. I needed a continuous background colou