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Alice Temperley, fashionista darling.

I was recently asked to visit the Barbour design studios to shoot some reportage images of a fab London based designer called Alice Temperley. Barbour have had collaborations with some big names recently, and I’ve had the fortune to shoot brochures & advertising material for all of them: People like Anya Hindmarsh, Rockport, Tokito, & now Temperley of London. I got there at 11am, in time for the main event at noon. The fashion world often operates on a different time zone to British Summer Time, so it ended up being 4 o’clock in the end. Never mind. Angry Young Freelance is not phased by things like this. Alice was a really nice lady (although nobody had told her that she was being photographed and filmed, so her annoyance was hardly veiled…..urghhh). Lighting was the usual nightmare – mixed daylight flourescent strips, green flourescents, and my SB800 flash. I could have stuck a green filter on the flashgun, but I decided to let my trusty old D3 do it’s stuff, and