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It'll look great in your portfolio.

There is one aspect of trying to make a living from photography that gets me going everytime – the brazen way in which lots of companies try to circumvent commissioning a photographer by using free labour, and claiming it will further that persons career. I know (oh I know) that times are tough, but there is a way to do things, and actively advertising for freebies & cheapies isn’t one of them. Here’s an example: Do you think that the organisers are doing this for charity? I’m guessing not. Did they ask the caterer to work for nothing? I’m guessing not. Did the people who made the horrific prom dresses give their time up for free? I’ll bet not. What about the stretch limo firm, the taxi company, the lab who will print the pictures? There’s a pattern. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a need for imaging at all levels of cost, and I’m not against a serious amateur having a bash at shooting some shots for their pal’s new venture, but to openly bypass a whole industry, and ad