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Uncle Jimmy

A couple of years ago, I had some extremely expensive marketing materials produced to send to PR, and marketing firms in a bid to secure some meetings, and hopefully some more work. These trifold brochures cost in the region of £1 each – which is expensive in mass printing terms. Anyway, the cover image of one of the cards was a shot of my wife’s uncle Jimmy. This was taken back in 2009, when he & his wife met our daughter for the first time. It was a scorcher of a summer’s day, and I’d shot loads of images of their dog for some sideboard prints. I was lying on the ground, next to a white wall, when he came across with his ice-lolly and stood over me. The wall had bounced back light from the overhead sun – filling in the harsh shadows very nicely. I quickly pointed the camera upwards, and shot a few frames. The resulting pictures looked brilliant. His craggy skin texture was highlighted by the directional light skimming across the surface of his face, and the tiny burst of