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Touching Cloth

Photographing fabrics is one of my specialties. It’s a discipline that involves a multitude of lights, some specific equipment which is fit for purpose, and most importantly, a fabric stylist with years of exoerience, a natural flair for making all manner of cloth look like it has fallen into place naturally, and a daily fee which would make the royal family wince. There are three examples here. The first was actually done without the aid of any stylist. I am generally asked to provide 2 or 3 complete shots per fabric – one which is completely flat & evenly lit, one with a set of waves running at an angle across the face of the fabric showing the texture, and a final image shot close-up  with the dtail, and texture really emphasized. There are times when I don’t have a nice big length of material on a roll to work with, so it’s often necessary to get imaginative. Trying to get waves into a 12 inch square of hession is certainly a challenge. I had a good roll to work with h