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Sir Skinch

Once in a while you get a job which is different from the usual stuff. I got an email asking if I could photograph, and reproduce a knighthood.  Mmmmmmmm. I wasn’t actually sure what a knighthood looked like. Turns out that when the Queen (or King in this case) tapped you on the shoulder with a sword, you used to get a very ornate, hand-produced parchment scroll with medals and ribbons hanging from it. I’m not certain if these are still being created, but this one was given to the client’s recently deceased Grandfather back in the 1930’s. She wanted to store it away safely, and have a faithful reproduction of the original on the wall. The scroll is full of olde worlde flowery language, and some total gibberish. Upon seeing the thing, I knew that it was going to be a job and a half. It was a precious 80 year old document with the texture of very thin balsa wood, tightly curled, with two heavy medals hanging from ribbons at the bottom. I needed a plan for this one. Step