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Far Eastern Escapade

In late 2013, I swapped my old Fuji X100 for the updated version – the X100s. Shortly thereafter, my old mate Gordon had the good fortune (via his hard work at Gazelle Travel) to be given two Business Class tickets to anywhere in the world by Emirates Airlines. We decided to embark on a weekend trip, just like we used to when I was carefree, rich, and socially mobile (i.e. without children). The world was our oyster, so we began the process of deciding upon a suitable destination – somewhere warm, accessible, somewhere we could just land & go. The shortlist included New York City, Tokyo, Sydney, South Africa, and Hong Kong. After much deliberation, we decided upon the latter, due to its decent travel time, familiarity, climate, and compact nature. We’d both been before, so there would be no time wasted trying to get orientated. New York came a close second, but travelling 7 hours east, then west again, seemed a bit of a nightmare given our limited time. The trip was brillian