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Best job I ever had

One of my best jobs ever was shortly after I left college, and began working in the real world again. Contrary to popular belief, the work doesn’t come rolling in due to your fantastic portfolio – it trickles in by word of mouth, usually from the people that you know in the business world. I can count on one hand, the number of clients that have contacted me initially to commission a job. It’s a cuththroat world, and you need to utilise any contacts you have in order to get started. In this case, a friend of my wife had a husband in the publishing world, and he was in the process of getting a guide book together about the Bamburgh & Seahouses areas of Northumberland. I received a fixed budget, a timescale of two weeks in July, and a written brief of the exact shots required to illustrate the prose by Steve Newman – local author and historian. To cut a long story short, I spent two weeks walking up and down the coast at all times of day photographing every bit of the Northumbe