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Coolest job in the world

One of my commissions from Parkinson’s UK , involved a full day at the Campus of Ageing & Vitality on the old General Hospital site in Newcastle’s west end. The facility is a centre for excellence in geriatric psychiatry, and conducts research in all aspects of neurological motor-problems in the elderly. Parkinson’s is such a condition, affecting many people UK-wide. The clinicians here have developed treatments to assist sufferers, and this open-day event was designed to showcase the hard work and innovation that permeates the centre. My brief was fairly standard – to follow proceedings, capture reportage-type shots of the various speakers, get images of the Parkinson’s patients getting involved, and obtain specific shots of those active patients holding the trademark blue card, onto which the charity strapline could be superimposed. I had absolutely no idea what was in store for the day, but it was pretty intense. My key image turned out to be found in the MRI s