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Nelsons Column

The area I live in is a bit of an anomaly. It’s native population is being driven down by falling birthrates, families moving into more urban areas to secure work, and housing being purchased by so called “investors” and wealthy multi-home buyers who holiday in the area for a few weeks of the year. This leaves great swathes of empty housing up the coastline, with a few pockets of population which are being squeezed in the name of “austerity”. A perfectly functional school system is now being decimated to save money, and businesses which cater to locals seem to be opening and shutting constantly. The main hub (Alnwick) is in a state of disrepair, and is now succumbing to the inevitable growth of corporate giants setting up on it’s outskirts. It seems that the whole place is occupied by nimby pensioners and middle class commuters intent on pulling up the drawbridge, preventing any growth, and blocking any plans to inject life into a depressed economy. This seemed to be the case