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corruption in the industry

I often hear about people losing their holiday snaps due to not backing up their data – and I always insist on sneering haughtily at their naivety and amateur ways. It’s usually due to the loss of a phone, or when they wipe a memory card clean, or something equally as pathetic. It will never happen to me – never.
Until now that is.

One of the few pictures of our holiday – taken on a very reliable iPhone 6 – at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
I recently took the kids on a five day holiday to Lancashire. My wife was unavoidably held back due to a work emergency, so we decided that it was best if I make my way there with them. It was a four day “glamping” experience, followed by a day in Blackpool, before returning home. The campsite was frankly fabulous, with big static tents containing wood-burning stoves, full beds, cooking utensils, coolbox, running water, toilets, and paraffin lamps for evening light. There was an on-site honesty shop, pizza oven, huge play barn for the kids, and all sorts of…

Success Stories

It’s always good to hear of success that you’ve been involved with – I seem to be involved with many success stories, but never get the plaudits and press that others receive – maybe I like to stay in the trenches.
I’ve shot many people, businesses, and premises that have gone on to be big winners – Jude is one of them. Judith Alexander (her stage name) is a local girl, who has never stood still, and moved from role to role in a bid to be more successful, keep life interesting, and earn more money as a result. She has earned her keep as a Police Officer, run a beauty consultancy, modelled, and is now trying to conquer the world of acting.
I first met Jude, when I was asked to provide a model portfolio of lifestyle shots a few years ago. She had registered with Tyne Tees Model Agency, and needed to boost her body of imagery. We borrowed a huge pad in the Northumberland countryside – owned by the owner of the Fergusons haulage empire. The owners vacated for the day, and I set up a full pr…

Styling skills

Look at these shots. This is why a top-notch fashion stylist is paid £300+ a day. These types of images (which aren’t in vogue at the minute) take a huge amount of skill and time to set up. Shooting a range of clothes with all the different colourways can be done in different ways – this is one of them – shooting all garments together.
The other methods involve shooting all garments separately, either flat, on models, or shooting one garment, and producing duplicates using a range of colours in post-production. The latter is probably the most cost effective

The image above was captured in an old meeting room, with a low suspended ceiling. A nightmare, considering the garments stretch to about six feet wide. I was pressed against the ceiling with a lens wider than  I would usually employ for fashion product shots. A 24mm PC-E in this instance. the stack of jumpers below isn’t Photoshopped at all. It would be easy to photograph the garments separately, then stack them on top of each other…

Community Service

Sometimes, a job comes along which re-invigorates your love of the creative side of the industry. A job which, in this case, was done voluntarily for the benefit of a local community venture – Nelson’s of Swarland. It’s a cafe, created to fill gap in a big coffee-sized hole nearby to where I live. The 3 girls that run the place had no idea what they wanted in terms of imagery, so I decided to shoot a good portfolio of images encompassing the ethos of the business – quality produce, friendliness, comfortable & stylish decor, family accessibility, and neighbourhood values.

I’d been working on a residential house shoot in the Tyne Valley until late afternoon, so picked the kids up from school on my way back, and headed along to the park. Bringing 2 small kids to a shoot isn’t usually a good idea, but Nelson’s is the sort of place where children blend in to the environment. Lynn, Debbie, & Kelly are all parents, & ex-staff of the pre-school group in the village, so they know al…