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Legionnaire Spirit

PR photography takes you to some unusual places – often places that the general public don’t get to see. It could be behind the scenes at a theatre opening, an adult-toys trade convention, or the finishing line of the Dublin Marathon. In this case, it was somewhere the public can pay to visit, but it was well out-of-season – Vindolanda Roman Fort on Hadrians Wall, in the depths of Northumberland. The client – Doddingtons Dairy , had just developed a range of ice-cream flavours that had allegedly been created by the Romans when the wall was actively used for keeping out the swathes of northern savages. The idea was to go up to the fort, with a Legionnaire, and shoot some general publicity shots for the press campaign which was forthcoming. All very well, except it was January 10th, the temperature was 2 degrees, with frequent snowstorms being dragged in on 40mph gales, which made it well below freezing.  I turned up at 9am, with a whole wad of kit, including clothing that woul