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Tight Spaces

Shooting in tight spaces is one of the real challenges when capturing interior spaces in this country. It seems that rooms are getting smaller and smaller with each set of new-builds, and the prospect of shooting a 5 bedroom on a new estate can send me into paroxysms of sweaty fear – all the developers are doing is taking the space previously allocated to a 2-bed property, adding partition walls to divide it into smaller spaces, then hiking the price up by 6o%. Often, I can’t physically fit a camera on a tripod into a corner to photograph a room if there is any furniture at all in the space. Ludicrous. Anyway, working to size restraints is all part of the game, and even more so when shooting PR gigs or products in the working environment. I used to shoot staged shots of shop-wall mockups at Barbour’s Head Office in South Shields. One tiny room was dedicated to being a space in which all the visual merchandising setups – shelving, racks, tables etc, were created, and photographed f

Giving something back

Giving something back is important in whatever role you have. The principle of karma isn’t anything to do with religion, or spiritual bullshit – karma comes about because after time, the people who have witnessed or benefited from your kindness, benevolence, and altruism will eventually mention it to other people, who will in turn repay the said acts of kindness in some way. Giving something back takes time, effort, and occasionally expense. If everybody gave something back, then a whole bunch of people would be better off, and the world would be a better place to live in. Hippie rant over. Every year, I volunteer to shoot the Great North Run for Parkinsons UK. I have no real connection to the charity apart from knowing one of the staff really well, and having done a few commissioned shoots in the past. I have no relatives with the condition, and that’s that. There are probably many charities that I could volunteer for  which I have connections to – Diabetes UK (I’m a skinn