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Dog wash

Meet Max. You may recognise him. He’s the ongoing face of Barking Mad UK – a brilliant company which arranges holidays for dogs whilst their owners are on holiday themselves. I’m biased, as my wife runs the Northumberland franchise of the company, and has done for ten years now. Last year she was recognised as the HSBC UK Franchisee of the year – beating off tough competition from the likes of Vodafone, Dominos Pizza, and McDonalds etc.  I’ve worked with Barking Mad on many projects, and Tina gets her PR shots done for free (saving thousands over the years). The CEO – Lee Dancy, called me up one day and asked me to come up with an image which would be used to adorn the fleet of re-branded cars used to ferry dogs to and fro throughout the UK network. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I set about looking for a suitable dog which would do justice to the premium look of the company as a whole. Cue Max – a cocker spaniel with a cute smile, belonging to one of Tina’s regu

End of an era

Nothing lasts for ever, and unfortunately, my long-standing association with the famous North East fashion brand Barbour has come to an end due to their media production being transferred to an in-house studio with a team of creatives dedicated to the task of product photography. I’ve been shooting Barbour products for their brochures & website for 7 years now, & I’d become accustomed to the bi-annual call to arms in order to photograph 2000+ products over two month periods in the spring & autumn seasonal campaigns.  Many 18-20 hour days in my old studio were spent engaged in pure graft, along with stylists, assistants, and the marketing team at Barbour – producing product images of various garments on mannequin, or flat on poly-boards. I started shooting for the company back in 2007 – using a space in their old warehouse. I’ve seen the clothing range grow year on year, and actually won the business back after losing out temporarily to a huge London based packshot