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The BIG one

Late summer brings a rush of properties waiting to be shot. the summer holidays end, people get back to work, and the weather tends to remain pretty stable for a month or so. it’s the peak time for this type of work, and September brought 34 separate shoots to contend with. I’ve worked out that 50 is probably my limit in terms of being able to handle the travelling, shooting, and post-prod. Fifty regular real-estate shoots would take up about 200  hours of work altogether. Alternatively, I could land 15 of these beauties, and have a much less stressful life all-round. This mansion is situated in the Tranwell Woods area of Morpeth in Northumberland – an area popular with the new-money wealthy folk such as footballers. many NUFC players have their homes here. The house, set in 2 acres of grounds had been on the market for quite some time, and needed some updated shots to get the market interest reinvigorated. I selected a lovely summers day in September to cover all aspects of the pro

You gotta hate Sam

A nother day, another rant. A while back I lamented the existence of the AWMAM – angry white middle aged man. I’ve since been afflicted many times by an even more loathsome form of humanity that seems to thrive in the western world – He’s called Sam, and he’s a Sad Angry Man. Sam is absolutely bloomin’ everywhere. Sam didn’t have the nerve to pack in his shit nine to five office or retail job, so harbours an insidious form of resentment that manifests itself periodically as inappropriate behaviour towards women at work, or aggressive driving when faced with any barrier to his on-road progress. Sam expects everything that he wants to happen, will happen when he wants it to happen. Sam is rude and arrogant, generally right-wing, but always, always right. Sam got into a routine that he couldn’t get out of. He used to have the freedom to exercise his misogynistic rights during a Saturday night rout of the city centre bars – packed with drunken skirt. He met his girlfriend at work

The favourite camera I never used.....

A few years ago, I made a rash purchase which defined my attitude towards my business. This attitude has changed entirely due to necessity, and it involved a behaviour known in the industry as GAS. This phenomenon can (and in my case, did) result in financial problems. It stands for “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”, and manifests itself in the sufferer convincing themselves that they need to constantly purchase new, improved equipment in order to improve their photography. If I’d ignored the pull of GAS over the last ten years, I’d be sitting here with about fifteen thousand pounds in my hand. It’s true that there is a need to update equipment every so often, but only when absolutely necessary, and it shouldn’t put you into long term debt in the process. This is a Hasselblad H1, with an eye level viewfinder and 80mm HC lens. It is one of the loveliest 6 x 4.5 format film cameras out there (although I think we’re up to H6 models now). I bought it with a view to replacing my DSLR equipme