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Mix it up & change your life

Sometimes you get a job that ticks all the boxes – not boring or “samey” like some of the property work, it gets you out and about, and you get to meet some interesting or inspirational people. For the first 20 years of my working life, I compromised, and went with the flow in order to pay the bills. Some folk were doing the same job for 30-odd years – just counting down the years until they could retire. It’s got to be the saddest attitude ever, as being young is the greatest thing in the world, and the period when you’re fit & healthy should be the time that you do the stuff that makes you happy. Trying to do it in your sixties is a bit pointless, as you’ll inevitably be saddled with decades of a “no-can-do” attitude, and the accompanying loss of health associated with being forced to exist in a world in which you’ve accepted your fate. Change & movement means survival. It’s a basic law of the natural world, which hates anything that is static. It’s why Wildebeest and bi

Xmas Tree Blues

This is a photo of a living room in a block of flats to the North of Newcastle – shot for an online estate agent in less than 20 minutes altogether, and it’s being marketed in October. Nothing amiss you say – obviously shot during the Christmas period last year, and it’s been on the market for some time for some reason. Nope. It was shot in October, and the vendor had decided to put their decorations up for the festive period in September, making the place look unsold for about a year. If you’re reading this, and you’re about to put your property up for sale, then do yourself a favour and get rid of any personal clutter. Sanitize the place – buyers don’t want to see your stuff, they want to see a liveable space. At the very least, get a box, and pile anything that is on top of furniture into it. In this frame I can see two frying pans, bags on top of the fridge, a printer on the floor, cups and crap on the table, and a Christmas tree/decorations. That’s just in one frame. Good

Fancy a coffee?

Invariably, during a property shoot, I’m offered a cup of something hot while I’m beavering away as quickly as I can. Although this is a welcome gesture, I’ve come to realise that the average UK citizen lacks the skill to make an acceptable cup of the beautiful substance known as coffee. Green coffee beans are harvested in sub-tropical forests worldwide. We have gigantic farms employing millions of people, producing beans of all grades, with some farms even going to the lengths of feeding them to civet cats, and picking them out of the resulting cat-shite to create a bean stripped of it’s natural acidity. (do they get a bonus?) Remember Cadbury Nutty’s? Civet Coffee Turds. The beans are sometimes roasted on-site, or exported to foreign shores, where artisan roasteries create magical blends of beans which are full of fresh oils and flavours. The absolute joy of a freshly drawn espresso using a grind from warm beans cannot be described in words – it’s one of the best t

Public Image Ltd

I was just sat here in front of my computer thinking about all sorts of random stuff – the comedy of the US presidential election process, the division in our society caused by the ridiculous Brexit referendum thing, why testicles drift about randomly in their little saggy, scrotal homes, and why I’ve missed the last four series’ of “Still Game”. Then it came to me – Freelance photographers who put a logo on their photos, websites, business cards etc. are wankers. Who do they think they are? I had one of course, and immediately proceeded the removal of every trace of a logo on everything I could muster. I’m not a company with a “brand’ – I’m a lone dude with some camera equipment, and a certain skill set who hires  himself out to various people in return for financial compensation. The vast majority of those people couldn’t care less about a “brand”, and only employ my skills in order to get a job done to make their lives easier. We’ve been brainwashed for the last 20 years that we ne