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Millionaire Mackem Pad

Nothing lifts my week more than the news that a £1m+ home needs shooting. In the South East, or Cheshire, this type of news wouldn’t be much to get excited about, as most houses in the commuter belt around London and Manchester are well past this figure now. I honestly don’t know where these extra trillions (and it is trillions) are coming from. There’s no more cash coming into the economy, so it’s clear that the whole housing system is a house of cards just waiting to collapse spectacularly once the right trigger is pulled – leaving easy pickings for those cash-rich investors to trough unopposed by the tens of millions stuck in a negative-equity, debt culture which is on it’s way to a middle class family near you. Basic physics dictates that you don’t get anything out without putting something in – pay rises and career progression are earned by spending time being educated properly, putting in time and effort to train, and working hard for a long time to make yourself valuable.