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Vape the Folks

Most architectural briefs for commercial spaces have a requirement that people are included in the final images. There is nothing more desolate than an office space devoid of humanity, or a shopping centre without shoppers.  This brief was for a brand new client – a London-based architectural/commercial property firm with clients in all parts of the UK who had stumbled across this very blog, and my main website after a quick Google search. The client wanted a range of images to illustrate a brochure featuring a property in a prime part of Central Durham housing one of those Vape places, where people can buy Mango & passion fruit flavoured Nicotine gas and make it look like their car is on fire when they put the window down at traffic lights. It had to be sunny, show the context of the surroundings, and give the impression that it was jam-packed with shoppers. I scouted the location beforehand, and discovered that it was on the sunny side of the street (anything else would h

Spa Day

I’m a bit scared of all this spa shit that goes on nowadays to be honest. I know that people love it, and it’s a thing, but it’s just not for me. I’ve been to one during my lifetime – at the Berjaya Tioman Island Resort in Malaysia. We’d been backpacking around the Malaysian Islands for a few weeks after giving up our shit jobs, and selling the house, and were  coming to the end of our adventure. The stress of finding places to stay on a daily basis was getting to Tina, and the last straw was when we checked into a wooden hut (with only a loosely hanging straw mat separating us from the shag-happy Australian couple in the next bungalow) on Tioman Island after a nightmare day of travelling via small fishing boats to get there. She threw a wobbler, and demanded that we go somewhere else. Having stopped off at a private hotel beach earlier, we (she) decide that we were going to have a final week of relative luxury there, so we commandeered a fisherman to take us there before it got dark,