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The Gussett

When my missus discovered that I’d been photographing a Gusset one Sunday afternoon, she raised an eyebrow. This one was actually a lovely Farmhouse situated at the base of the Simonside Hills near Rothbury in Northumberland – rather than the bit of a knicker that encapsulates the womanly bits. Converted and restored by the current owners, the home blended traditional architecture with contemporary design, resulting in a lovely family home. They were the sort of folk who moved house once they’d completed a “project”, and were ready to shift again to a new location in order to restore yet another property. Not sure if I could be bothered to be honest, as moving house is one of the biggest pains in the arse known to mankind, but hey-ho, it takes all sorts. We were on the  edge of one of the most intense snow storms we’d seen in years, and so I had to arrange to shoot the place on a Sunday afternoon in order to take advantage of the winter sunshine which was soon to be