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Style Icons

Back in my days shooting fashion products in my old studio, I was completely dependent on a team of very talented people – stylists. These people, (usually women it has to be said) are the backbone of the the fashion industry. Never in the spotlight, always on hand to jump in when needed, and able to turn a pile of cloth into a finished product in minutes, they’re in demand all year round, and never seem to face the ridiculous lulls and financial perils that freelance photographers face on a perennial basis. Even in the economic desert of the North East, these guys command day rates which I can often dream about. They earn their keep however. From fitting a size 12 wax jacket onto a size 8 model flawlessly, to fiddling with some socks to make them look like a work of art, they make the fashion photography world tick over. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll be involved in the world of fashion photography again, so I’ll miss the hustle and bustle of it all – but rest assured tha