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Go for the angle

Simple stuff, but many shooters refuse to follow this simple rule, and produce lack-lustre shots that don’t get the impact in the press. Shots that cost the client a good wad of money, and need to attract an audience that should generate enough publicity to pay for itself fifty times over. Anyone involved in PR needs to be able to relate to their client, and also to be able to persuade them to take actions which positively reinforce the message. This includes press & PR shooters. Which brings me to a sunny, but very windy day at Woodhorn Colliery visitors centre in Ashington, Northumberland. The brief was simply, to provide some striking images. including the venue, for Northumberland Tourism, which was to promote an upcoming event at the location. The venue is home to regular exhibitions, and houses official archives from all aspects of Northumberland dating back 600 years. It also has its original pithead buildings, with the shaft lifts & wheels intact, & other

A day in the hills.

A bit of a change from the usual property stuff today. One of my “legacy clients” from my early days a s a freelancer is Dogs Trust. As you’ll probably know, they’re a charity devoted to the rehoming of our canine friends, and will never put a healthy dog to sleep. I’ve had a working relationship with them for many years now after doing a voluntary job at their Darlington Rehoming Centre back in 2005. I only shoot the odd brief now and then – usually getting studio shots of the more difficult sponsor dogs, and going out for the odd PR shoot with their in-house publication Wag Magazine. I was contacted by one of the chief press officers there and asked if I could put together a plan to shoot some ex Dogs Trust pooches in a spectacular location somewhere. The idea was to get some lovely imagery on mountains etc, and they would provide the relevant dogs and handling assistants. The images were to illustrate the annual report which details the accounts, achievements, and future