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Cash is King

Do you ever find yourself feeling unwell, and make an appointment to see your GP? Ever been in a car crash, and been taken to hospital? Do your children go to school? Ever needed some financial assistance when things haven’t gone to plan in your life? Just a few of the things that depend on “the state” to provide for us when required – things that need financing via our system of taxation. It’s a system that is far from perfect, but it tends to do the job if everyone contributes fairly. If you want the system to change, then you have the right to lobby your parliamentary representative, vote for an alternative, and campaign publicly to change things so that you don’t have to pay as much tax, & ignore those sad losers who are perhaps unable to work due to disability, or let those scroungers who flee the threat of execution in their native countries rot on the streets with their unwashed, foreign children. It’s also grossly unfair that literall

Wor Jackie

Wor Jackie A barn conversion in Blyth? Surely there cannot be such a thing!  Blyth is a place which doesn’t scream barn conversion territory to me. It’s an enclave of south east Northumberland that has suffered at the hands of Thatcherism and all the subsequent government administrations since. Blighted by drugs and poverty, it sits just to the north of Whitley Bay as a reminder of what the definition of de-industrialisation is. Once renowned as the busiest port in Britain (due to coal exports) it’s now a shadow of its former self, with some regeneration starting to make a mark at the seaside. Housing stock isn’t particularly varied, and prices are low in comparison with other parts of the region, so I didn’t know what to expect from the visit.  This is a distinctly separate part of Blyth known as Cambois, separated from the rest by the River Blyth estuary. It’s not pronounced in some poncey French manner, or phonetically – it’s pronounced as “Cammis” wit

A smashing day

Yesterday was a bad day. While out shooting a house, one of my trusty Nikon SB800’s fell off a light stand as I was moving it into place, and stopped working. I stuck it in my Peli case and looked at it later on, with a view of being a hero & mending it in a DIY stylee. Armed with a set of mini screwdrivers, and a Youtube tutorial, I set about dismantling it with aplomb. 120 seconds later, I was faced with a selection of circuit boards, snapped cables, and bits of plastic & metal that had dropped out of the casing interior. Honestly, I don’t know how these amateur techie people learn to do this stuff. It’s the same when I need to do something with one of the work Macs. Totally useless. I had to bin this one, and immediately ordered two Yongnuo flash guns off the internet. They look tremendous, built like tanks, and more importantly – they’re less than a quarter of the price of the equivalent Nikon model. I often wonder how Canikon gets away with charging what they