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The Beacon

Whilst  shooting fashion products in the studio, I got stuff that came out of nowhere – like this wax jacket for instance. Barbour make wax jackets in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they produce short-runs of specialist gear for collaborations with other designers, or anniversaries etc. I picked this ladies wax up from their marketing department, and was given a short brief which included shooting it flat, but wide open so that the lining was visible. Easy enough stuff. When I lay the jacket on my white board, and opened it up, I was overcome by a sense of deja vu, having a strong recognition of the image of South Shields’ Beacon lighthouse inside. It looked familiar, so I had a quick search through my archives to see if I’d shot it. Indeed- there it was, shot the previous winter as part of a quick job to get images for the company website. I remember it, as my old Mitsubishi Challenger (The Beast) had suffered a fused brake-pad on the way there – resulting in a wheel that