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There can be nothing worse in this business than working really hard for someone, perhaps pulling out all the stops in order to get a challenging job completed, maybe sacrificing your weekend, spending time and money on travelling and post-production etc, for that person to betray you by not paying you despite pressing for results quickly. It's like having an abusive partner who loves having power over the other, telling them that they really love them, yet continuing to knock seven-bells out of them whenever they feel like exerting their superiority. It's only happened to me three times in my career, and the most recent was last year. I've just written the amount off - a not-insignificant sum which would have paid for Christmas, and a debt which I could definitely see coming. Just like the others. Number one was a seriously flawed individual who had a property development firm in the Newcastle area. I knew from the start that this was a business relationship that

New Year, Clean Break

Well....that was 2018. The new year began at 3.30 am on the 1st of January, with my alarm clock buzzing in order to get me out of my pit and onto the road at 4am with Tina and the kids. I'd booked a 6 day trip to London as part of Tina's 50th birthday celebrations, and I decided that driving down during the early hours was the best method of beating the nightmare traffic. It worked, and the start of my year was a great (although occasionally stressful) success story, with lots of stuff seen and done. The forthcoming year looks like it's going to be the biggest challenge of my photographic career to date, largely due to this ridiculous "Brexit" rubbish that has entirely polarised the nation, and created an economic environment devoid of any optimism. Uncertainty about job security, and personal circumstances has resulted in a complete halt in property transactions, thus leaving me high and dry until some sort of decision is made. The politicians pontificat