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Visual merchandising

In my days shooting fashion products, part of the process was getting involved in photographing the final product. Fashion has another side which is just as important as the creation of styles, & the realisation of a finished product – selling the gear. Visual merchandising is an art in itself, and the VM stylists can be counted as artists working in a highly commercial environment. Until you’ve tried to set up a shop yourself, you’ll have no idea about the challenges facing the people who toil in shop windows at the start of every new season. At the Barbour head office premises, a whole floor of the old warehouse has been converted into huge showrooms for the sole purpose of displaying the entire range of products to the hundreds of worldwide buyers who visit throughout the year to sample the stuff first hand. On product launch dates, the whole building is packed with representatives from retail stores from all over the globe looking for new ideas from the brand. The entire plac