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Independence Day

Some of you may not be aware that due to some 1960’s screwed-up social constraints perpetuated by screwed-up religious idiots within the establishment at the time, I was given up for adoption by my American birth mother shortly after entering the world – after she’d copped for me during a brief affair with a Scots dude. The US military apparently couldn’t allow me to exist, so I was shipped south of the border to spend a wonderful childhood with parents who loved me entirely, while she , her 3 children, and serviceman husband were hastily flown back to Lowry USAF base near Aurora, Colorado never to be seen or heard from again. As time passed, I had the opportunity to visit a  few parts of the US – New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Houston, and New York City on many occasions. Although my entire life has been spent as a UK citizen, I have always considered myself a bit American at heart, and I tentatively celebrate Independence Day as a bit of a testament to my US her