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Small Spaces

Titchy properties can be difficult spaces to convey effectively – shooting too wide (like most Doofus’s with a camera and UFWA lens), makes the space look stupid, & shooting really tight means that you lose all perspective of the space as a whole. I covered the topic in one of my earliest blog posts, and where residential sales are concerned the same principles apply (if it’s small and ridiculously difficult to shoot, then leave it for viewings). An understairs WC is a prime example – nobody wants to see a photo of a bog and sink shot from above mate. This was a very bijou holiday let in rural Northumberland however. The owner wanted to market it on the usual holiday letting websites, so it needed to look warming and welcoming to attract enquiries. It was a corner of an old family house that had been converted into a one bed apartment cottage where every available space had been utilised effectively and stylishly. The best way to shoot open-plan spaces is to separate them int