The Triangle of Life

The school summer holidays are upon us once again, and for the first time in 10 years, this parental unit is unburdened by the annual, desperate scramble for six weeks of childcare - and the accompanying guilt, stress, and upset that the summer recess used to impart on us, and millions of other families nationwide. Having one of us working in a school has provided an escape from the awful task of coercing the kids into spending full days at the grandparents (no internet), Tina's office (no fun whatsoever), or the 2-week activity programme operated by the local sports centre (no respite from charva bullies). It would have been particularly difficult this year anyway, as we're not allowed to visit grandparents, the office would have been out of bounds, and the sports centre is shut. I can't start to think about the grief faced by parents who are now being forced back to work premises, with absolutely zero provision being made for the care of little ones. My schedule at this time of year is basically working seven days a week without any whiff of summer holidays, and being able to ply my trade without the pressure of having to take care of two bored nippers is a godsend. Which brings me to the law of "The triangle of life"

The law states that you can "pick 2". Having 3 of the elements of the triangle is only ever possible if you win loads of unearned money (on the lottery or whatever). People should be made aware of the triangle of life before taking the plunge into spawning replicas of themselves, and therefore committing to a future without either time or money. Unfortunately, because of the low-paid, intensive-labour nature of real estate photography, I am in the rather ironic position of having only one element of the triangle, with no sign of ever being able to achieve the other two. I'm laughing it off though.

Brian Young shoots all aspects of the built environment for a range of clients throughout Northern England and the Borders.


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