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A bit of a mess.

Is it just me...or do things look like they're completely falling apart all over the world? The fabric of human society seems to be unravelling everywhere I look - with our own nation at the forefront of the crisis. The house of cards known as vacuous consumerism was always one step from collapse - built upon a fragile system of poor people selling shit/providing services to slightly less poor people so that rich people could hold sway over those less rich than themselves for as long as possible. Six weeks of forced inactivity has resulted in the folk in the middle of the house of cards having their livelihoods replaced by hugely generous state benefits ( assistance) in order to prevent the entire destruction of the whole system, and that assistance is soon coming to an end - resulting, inevitably, in huge job-losses across the spectrum of the aforementioned service and shit-selling industries. We, as humans, have a habit of deferring problems until they absolutel