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To claim, or not to claim - that is the question.

As the majority of white, middle class UK office workers sit on their arses all day, watching Sky TV on huge flatscreen TV's, drinking in the afternoon, and constantly pissing about with their expensive mobile phones at the expense of the taxpayer, I'm out there in the trenches trying to eke out some sort of living........ Oh sorry - did I say white, middle class UK office workers? I meant doleys and asylum seekers of course. See how the paradigm has shifted in the world of benefits over the last three months? The furlough scheme is essentially a welfare safety net system for middle class people, and has been absolutely essential for the prevention of a total collapse of the UK economy by taking the pressure of paying wages from the hundreds of thousands of firms unable to trade during the height of the pandemic crisis. Unemployment could possibly have reached tens of millions without the intervention by the next Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. (Those old Tories will choke on thei

WFH Becomes the LAW

  Working from home (referred to as WFH, as every bloody thing seemingly has to have an acronym to make it relevant nowadays), is the latest employment phenomenon brought about by the fear surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. Of course, many people have been WFH'ing for years - online travel agents, many self employed accountants, IT professionals, and those overly made-up women who run MLM pyramid schemes disguised as posh-cosmetic companies. Offices with hundreds or thousands of occupants are quickly becoming irrelevant, as employers and employees realise that a 3 hour return commute, and £15 a day on a 30 minute lunch isn't the be-all and end-all. Almost all the work I've been doing in the last 3 months has been in homes hastily converted into workplaces for the time being - kitchen tables, spare bedrooms, and dedicated study rooms have been utilised, along with workstations, monitors, and cables which tend to look a bit out of place in a domestic setting, and certainly