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The crash

The effect of the boost given to the property market from May 2020 onwards has well and truly halted. The start to 2021 has been the quietest period since I started doing this job, and along with the upcoming end to the stamp duty land tax holiday, it signals a worrying few months ahead in terms of keeping my head above water. I've not seen anything paid since October from my main client, and my reserve of cash put aside for tax is dwindling due to being forced to dip into it for monthly living costs. It seems that everyone else is raking in the money by being in white-collar, administrative jobs, working from home, and saving thousands in transport costs etc, while I continue to drag myself out to small jobs, spending a fortune on diesel, supporting millionaire estate agents & homeowners, while I live in poverty like a mug. Britain in the 2020's - a nation of tory-voting middle classes sitting safely in warm homes which seem to magically increase in value month on month, b