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Up, up, and away!

Hello again my army of loyal followers! There's been another hiatus in blog posts due to the ridiculous working schedule I've been forced to adopt over the last few months. Nothing prevents people from moving, and the booming residential property business is at the top of it's game at the moment with the help of a dire scarcity of sellers, an abundance of buyers with piles of cash set aside due to an absence of anything to spend it on, and a government determined to use taxpayers cash in a bonanza designed to prolong the propping-up of the riches amassed among the property-owning ("I've worked bloody hard for it') elite. Ironically, I've worked 3 times as hard as any of them, sunk thousands into equipment & training in order that I can help sell their houses, throw away more in rent than most of them have ever paid in mortgage payments, but still find myself in the ridiculous position of being unable to afford even the most basic house in the shittest l

Ray of Light

Stills photography is essentially the capture of light using some piece of equipment and a type of recording medium - film, or a digital sensor. The trick is using the light to your advantage in whatever genre of the art you're working in. The greatest images ever captured all use natural or artificial light to create mood, contrast, ambience, and drama to subconsciously invoke some sort of emotional response in the viewer - whether it's street photography, nature, landscape, sports, or architecture and interiors. Much of the work I do is pretty uniform in nature - shooting high end residential properties which need to be documented in an accurate fashion, with a balanced, & fairly neutral lighting style to show the features and flow of a house in a certain format used in brochures and MLS (Multi-listing sites such as Zoopla, Rightmove, etc.). This generally involves three distinct elements, which are combined in the post production process to give a balanced, final output