Here we go again.....again....again!

The spectre of the "pain in the arse" Covid-19 seems like it's been hovering over us for an eternity, but just when things looked to be getting under control, the spiky little boy has hit us once again. I always assumed that our two nippers had been unwilling participants in my infection adventure at the end of 2020, but it appears not. My 13 year old daughter woke in the middle of Saturday night/Sunday morning with hot sweats, a crippling headache, and pain in her back and chest. The subsequent lateral flow test showed her to be positive for the Coronavirus, so a formal PCR test was booked at a test centre, and the result confirmed the presence of the old Covids this morning. Despite the insistence of the so-called government that children are unaffected by the virus, it seems that the Delta variant has temporarily incapacitated my little girl in a similar fashion to that suffered by myself and Tina. I had to sit up all night watching TV with the poor wee thing, as she just couldn't get to sleep due to the headache and fatigue

The rules around isolation are vastly different to those at the time of my diagnosis, and my double-vaccinated, middle-aged frame doesn't have to stay in the house any more. There are some caveats of course - if I'm due to visit anyone in a vulnerable group, it should be approached with caution or postponed for the recommended 10 day period, and I have one of those instances on the near horizon with a visit to the home of a frail 99 year old in a few days.  The property boom of the last 15 months has well and truly collapsed, and I've absolutely nothing substantial on the horizon in terms of planned jobs, so it's taken the pressure off the need to balance work and care for the nippers. My revenue for August and September looks like it's going to drop by 80% compared to last year, so the belt-tightening may need to start up again in readiness for the winter months - which see me trying to maintain a freelance business with associated monthly costs of about £1500 on less than £1000 turnover each month until April. Work that one out. At least I can be safe in the knowledge that I'll be ensuring the continued security and prosperity of a hundred thousand millionaire pensioners and their children by paying more tax to prop up their inheritances.'s a week of waiting for my youngest to succumb to the inevitable, daily lateral flow testing, and dealing with any terrified members of the homeowner community who cower with fright whenever the C-word is uttered.


Brian Young (that's me) shoots all aspects of the built environment for a range of clients throughout Northern England and the Borders.


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